Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Party Snack Ever!

This might not be very healthy (especially for all of you folks who abstain from adult bevvies), but it sure was enjoyable.  Background info:  when I hit the grocery store I pack my trunk with kale so I can indulge in my addiction:  kale chips.  The other day I was googling new-to-me kale chip recipes.  I decided to try out a Dill Pickle recipe from the Rawtarian.  Y.U.M.  These were tasty.  Now I am excited to peruse this awesome website for more exciting recipes.

*One note: next time (and there will be a next time) I will decrease the salt by half.  

Naturally, because I am such a health fanatic,  I paired my kale chips with a glass of sangria.  TH and I had a fabulous night in Panama that started with a jug of fruity goodness and we were super excited to make a vat when we came home.  So, no, technically I don't know if this is the best party snack ever, but if I were to have a party, I'm sure the guests would enjoy dill pickle kale chips and sangria.  

I randomly threw this together, but the end result was delicious and packed a real punch.  This is kind-of-sort-of what I did:

1 bottle of red wine
hearty splash of brandy
hearty splash of triple sec
hearty splash of orange-mango juice
juice of two limes
chopped apples, oranges, kiwis, strawberries (or whatever you want)
Mix everything together and let the flavors marinate overnight in the fridge. 

So, maybe I will have a party and share my snacks.  Or maybe TH and I will continue to fight over the crispy-pickly treats and the boozy fruit.  

Question:  Do you have a go-to party recipe (for real parties or pretend parties, either is fine)?  


  1. Dill pickle kale chips--now that's a great idea! And I could see how it would be lovely in combination with that fruity, heady sangria.

    For myself, I love the carrots and celery more than the dip, but I like to make hummus and candied or curried nuts (again, I don't tend to eat those myself).


  2. The dill pickle chips were so delicious. I think hummus and candied nuts are always party favorites. Good luck with the MFA program!!

  3. Oh man I have to make that Sangria.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, kind-sort-a like you said.
    Peace and Raw Health,