Chow Time

I love how I eat.  The majority of my food is raw and unprocessed.  I have spent oodles of time researching the benefits of raw food (click here for a quick summary), but the most convincing piece of evidence to me is how I feel.  Raw food makes me happy, gives me energy, and tastes scrumptious.

I am not a raw vegan, as I can't deny my body the salmon and halibut we catch every summer.  I eat fish about once every two weeks, when my body craves it.  I have dessert almost every night, and the occasional glass of wine or champagne.

In the past I have followed eating programs like Body for Life, which gave me great physical results, but turned me into a craving psycho focused only on "free days".

When I started eating mostly raw food in March of 2010 I lost ALL cravings for junk food.  This is the first  October I haven't given myself a tummy ache with left over Halloween candy.  I eat everything my body wants, when I want it.  I don't count calories, monitor portion sizes, or change into sweats after a big dinner.  Eating this way makes sense to me, and my body likes it too.  I've lost weight (eating dessert!!), developed a clearer complexion, gained energy, and now sleep better than ever before.

I hope I can be of help, promoting happiness, health, universal love and green smoothie power!


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