Why Blog?

My husband thinks it's weird that I started a blog.  I think it's a little strange as well, but I also know how helpful other blogs were to me when I first became interested in the world of raw food.  At that time raw food seemed intimidating and time consuming, but I was intrigued and I continued to read lots of books and blogs to learn more.  The glowing testimonials from raw foodists were compelling, and so I started simply, with green smoothies and lots of veggies, fruits, nuts and raw almond butter.  As a teacher, I had the summer to expand my experimentation, and I noticed myself taking pictures of the beautiful food I was eating.  (Reason #714 why my husband thinks I'm weird.)

I started this blog as an assignment for a class. I chose raw food as a topic because a lot of people were asking me about my peculiar eating habits.  I love to tell others that raw food doesn't have to be intimidating!  I live in an Alaskan cabin with no running water, three hours away from a health food store, and yet I've found ways to eat high raw.  With this blog, I want to share with others what I've learned. I think our planet would be a happier place if more people loved eating healthy, real food!