Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breakfast Snack

I had the yummiest snack today.  I was inspired by a free recipe book (Profoundly Raw Recipes- go and get yours!) and strawberry season.

Ani Phyo contributes a raw pancake recipe in Profoundly Raw and I was feeling it.  The main ingredients are brazil nuts, bananas and ground flax.  The recipe was super simple, and I enjoyed the tasty batter quite a bit.  I think I could have made my pancakes a little thicker, but my thin spread produced more of a Swedish pancake effect.  I am in love. 

I topped the pancakes with a strawberry sauce (strawberries blended with lemon juice and honey) and Maple Cream Sauce from Raw Food Real World.  I'd never made the sauce before- WOW.  It is awesome.  

Question:  Are you doing anything fun with strawberries?  


  1. Yummy! Your photos are amazing, again. I haven't had any strawberries yet, but I'm so enjoying some cherries these last couple days.

    Strawberry maple cream sauce--sounds delightful!

  2. Oooh, cherries. I haven't had any yet- looking forward to it!