Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I had a bad case of the chocolate crazies yesterday.  I almost dove headfirst into a plate of s'more bars supplied by our lovely neighbor.   Luckily, I had a savior in the form of a Raw Food World goodie:

Of course, I was only eating it for its health benefits.

When I was in Seattle, my girlfriend and I went into a coffee shop that was fixing up some mean looking crepes.  I knew then that a raw crepe would be appear in my future.  The Rawtella seemed like a great pairing with bananas and a banana/coconut wrap from Just Desserts.  The wraps were incredibly easy to make (if you have a Vivian and a D), and are super tasty.  

topped with coconut whipped cream

My intention was to save half of the crepe for TH, but I must admit that I devoured the whole thing (and hid the evidence) while he was out in the man-cave.  He can have my share of the s'more bars.  

Question:  How do you handle intense chocolate cravings?  (Or are you one of those lucky folks who doesn't get them?)


  1. oh YUM! i didn't like chocolate until i was in my 20's... now i like it but usually crave savory or salty things.

  2. I have intense chocolate cravings sometimes but honestly, they have just disappeared since I've been eating more starch, especially since I've gone back to eating fruit. But I like the Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate, and I like making chocolate smoothies and truffles and desserts too.

    Your crepes sound delectable.

  3. @kelli

    My chocolate cravings were worse before I hit 20- how strange that you didn't have any, Kelli. I think it's so weird that we tend to be either salty or sweet cravers.

  4. @Ela

    My cravings will go away if I stay away from chocolate for a decent amount of time, but once I start again they are back. I don't think I could ever give up chocolate for good....