Thursday, June 2, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Seattle was lovely; filled with gorgeous babies, wine tasting, Whole Foods, fresh fruits/veggies, and big city fun.   (Please excuse the phone pics.)

I am horrible about taking dining pictures outside of my own house, so I don't have much to share.  My friends and I did accidentally find a raw dessert shop, called Jodee's, after running around Green Lake.  I ordered a 16 oz green smoothie, which at $7.50 I found rather pricey for the ingredients (water, spinach, banana, mango, pineapple- I skipped the dates).  The desserts, however, looked incredible and were very reasonably priced.  We meant to come back to buy some, but unfortunately ran out of time.  :(

Here is the dessert menu, from Jodee's website.  Insanity.  

There were also gorgeous looking truffles and chocolates in the display case.  It's killing me that we didn't go back.  Tiramisu pie...?!  Next time.  

When I left Alaska it was 75-80 degrees.  Seattle was pretty chilly and rainy, while, according to TH, AK's heat wave continued.  Now that I am back it is gray and 60 degrees here.  I am wearing a down vest for  Pete's sake!  

Question:  Have you seen Bridesmaids?  Does the fact that I found it quite funny mean I have an immature sense of humor?  


  1. We have barely cracked 60 degrees down in Homer! Sounds like you left the good weather. Glad you had a fun time, welcome back.

    My writing program residency in August will be in Tacoma--sounds like I need to allow time to go to Seattle and hit that place. The desserts sound far better priced than the smoothies!
    I haven't seen bridesmaids--should I?

  2. Total bummer you couldn't get back to that shop!!
    Haven't seen Bridesmaids.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  3. I had that same smoothie on that same day. Probably just missed each other.

    Keep in mind the smoothies are organic, which isn't easy to find out and about.

    Sad you didn't even TASTE a pie. During the week they usually give out samples. The Saturday girl wasn't as open as usual.

  4. @Ela
    Yes, Ela, I do think you should visit Seattle. It's one of my favorite big cities, as it has such a healthy, hip vibe.

    As for Bridesmaids, I'm not normally a mainstream comedy fan, but I laughed heartily for the duration of the movie. Maybe it was my mood at the time...? It just felt really good to laugh with wild abandon. :)

  5. @Elizabeth

    Hey Elizabeth! I don't even know if I should recommend Bridesmaids due to its adult content, but something about it tickled my funny bone.

  6. @bitt
    That is crazy, Bitt! I would have been so excited to bump into you, as I enjoy your blog so much.

    Thank you for mentioning the organic ingredients of the smoothies. I didn't even think of that in regards to the price. I was just adding up how much my homemade smoothies cost, but I don't usually buy organic pineapples and mangos. I imagine they are pricey.

    We didn't try pies because we hadn't had breakfast yet, had just finished a run, and were planning on coming back later. I won't pass up an opportunity like that again! :)