Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunflower Pate x4

A lot of people I know think eating raw food is complicated.  I always beg to differ, because how easy is it to eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds?  Of course, it can be complicated, but I save those recipe for the weekends.  

Sunflower pate is one of my favorite quick and easy snacks.  I make mine with soaked sunflower seeds, lots of garlic, and a little nama shoyu or Bragg's amino acids.  It looks like cat food, but it is actually quite tasty.  I make a big batch once a week and eat it in a variety of ways.    

Stuffed Avocado Boat

My favorite!  This is absolutely delicious.  

Cucumber Tower

All Wrapped Up

Easy right?  

Question:  When you soak sunflower seeds, do you think it is important to separate the soaked seeds from the skins that come off?  Are the skins edible?  


  1. yum! your photos look professional!

  2. I love a good sunflower seed pate too. I like the "cheese with spring onions" from gone raw. It's very versatile as you've shown.

    Don't think it looks like cat food at all. Although my cat does eat full chunk food....

    I never bother to take the skins off, especially if I am processing up the seeds. More fiber, right?

  3. Your photos are absolutely fantastic! Such beautiful presentation. That onion bread looks super-intriguing too.

    I think the skins probably just pass through your system if you eat them, 'along for the ride'--I don't think it's a big deal to try to skin them all.

  4. @kelli

    That is so sweet of you, Kelli. I love YOUR photos. :)

  5. @bitt
    Mmmm, Bitt, cheese with spring onions sounds lovely. I'm glad you eat the skins as well. Those little buggers are tough to remove.

  6. @Ela

    Thanks, Ela! Once your dehydrator arrives you can make the super simple bread as well.

    Thanks for the seed skin info. I thought they were fine to eat, but I'd read somewhere that they should be removed.