Sunday, June 26, 2011

On the Road Again....

Well, I had a lovely summer parfait to share with you, but TH ate the ingredients I had prepared while I was up in Fairbanks.  I guess I should be happy that he chose a raw dessert over the Snickers that came home in his fishing backpack.

Since I don't have a pretty pic to share, I will post a not so pretty one.  I tried to make a travel kale chip, inspired by a flat kale cracker I saw at Natural Pantry.  My experimentation involved food processing a giant head of kale, apple cider vinegar, a few macadamia nuts, ground flax, and salt.   Then I spread the mixture in circle shapes on a ParaFlexx sheet, sprinkled hemp seeds on top, and dehydrated overnight at 110 degrees.  Salt and Vinegar Kale Crisps!

These guys turned out pretty tasty, and are going to Panama with TH and I tomorrow.  Won't our airplane neighbor be jealous. 

 I plan on posting a travel journal of sorts over the next month; come back and visit if you are interested in Central America!

Question:  Do you have a favorite travel destination?   


  1. ohhh i'd love to visit central america! i love to go anywhere with lots of trees and nice weather. have fun!

  2. Wow, you're going to Panama? Lucky you...I can't wait to read all about it.
    The kale crackers look just great too. I need to make some kale chips...
    I think it's awesome that TH ate your raw dessert: I'd be pretty happy if my husband ever thought they were that good--he remains a skeptic when everyone else loves them
    Bon Voyage!

  3. @kelli

    I agree, Kelli. Nice weather is a factor for me as well.

  4. @Ela

    You still haven't made kale chips yet, Ela? You have your dehydrator now, right?

    I'm surprised that Phil doesn't love raw desserts. I've never met anyone who doesn't love them. However, you might make yours a little "healthier" than I make mine. :)