Sunday, July 10, 2011

After a night in Panama City, we embarked on a seven hour bus trip to San Felix/Las Lajas.  Buying tickets at the ultra modern PC bus station was breeze, as was the long ride.  I was completely engrossed in "A Visit From the Goon Squad", by Jennifer Egan.  I'd been saving this read for vacation, and I'm so glad I did.  Now I'm sad that I can't continue to look forward to reading it!

We stayed in an amazing hotel called Finca Buena Vista ($50) in Las Lajas.  As implied by the name, the view from our patio was stunning.  It was incredibly serene, the only noises coming from birds and the occasional cow.

 Sebastian, who runs the B & B for his parents in the off season, made us epic breakfasts, which were included in the price.  In the morning he drove to the local bakery to make sure the bread was warm when it arrived at our table.  Along with bread were cheeses, meats, eggs, fresh fruits and guacamole (from the property's trees), mango marmalade, and liverwurst.  

I have to admit that I ate bread and drank coffee, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

On our second day Sebastian dropped us off at Playa Las Lajas, which is the longest beach in Panama.  We walked for hours, and didn't encounter a soul (except for a local fisherman tending his nets in the surf).

crab vs. fishing rod

As we couldn't find a cab to take us home (it is the off season after all) we decided to walk.  It was at least 10 kilometers, and hot.  We tried to make the trip fun by stopping occasionally to watch the giant ants carrying epic loads, the millipedes scurrying across the road, the brightly adorned birds, and the unidentifiable giant and slightly scary bugs.  Our most interesting companions were the hundreds of cows, who would freeze and stare us down, grass hanging from their mouths, whenever our presence was noticed.  We felt like celebrities.  

Question:  Do you like hot and humid weather?  


  1. Wow, I have decided you have the art of picking the perfect vacation spots down. I live in an extremely hot and humid environment (South Louisian) For ages I said I felt I could cope with heat a lot better than cold, but recently, with the onset of hot flashes, I'm not so sure :) When you start generating your own internal heat with minimal effort, well, let's just say it's very different. Cooler climes start to look quite appealing and enticing...Mindy

  2. I love hot and humid, but I might love hot and dry even more!

    Sounds like you're having such a good time. I don't mind long walks that happen spontaneously on vacation: can be part of the fun, and sometimes you meet a new person as part of it.

    That place you're saying looks fantastic, both the view and the house itself.
    I love your interactions with the cows!

  3. @Mindy

    Hi Mindy! I am perpetually cold at home, so I love it when a hot climate can make me feel warm to my bones. I've always said that I'm looking forward to hot flashes, but I will probably eat my words. :)

    Thanks for checking out the blog!

  4. @Ela

    I agree, Ela, hot and dry is a nice combination. However, my skin and hair always seem so much healthier in humidity.

    Long walks are nice; I find you see so much more on foot than in a vehicle.