Monday, July 18, 2011

La Loma Jungle Lodge

We've just returned from four nights at La Loma Jungle Lodge on Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro.  Our raised cabin was open on three sides, with mosquito netting around the beds.  There was no electricity, which was really nice, as we had lots of time to focus on our natural environment.

outdoor shower

The cacophony of noises which surrounded us day and night was unreal.  We listened to layers upon layers of birds, insects, and frogs.  It was almost impossible to separate a particular noise individually.  Our wildlife viewing included sloths, giant tree iguanas, hundreds of birds, bats, frogs, lizards, snakes, and crazy insects.  My favorite were these cute little red frogs, which are slightly poisonous.  

This stay was the big splurge of our trip, at $100 a night per person.  The price included all of our meals, for which most of the ingredients were grown on site.  The lodge also ran a chocolate farm, which meant that we enjoyed many fabulous cacao/coconut milk desserts.  

cacao pods

One of my favorite new fruits, the biriba:

It's very sweet and rich, like a creamy custard.  Mmmmm.  

A jungle hike:

Notice how drenched in sweat I was.  The humidity in the jungle is intense!  Excellent toxin removal.

Question:  What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?  


  1. Oh, the greenery reminds me of HI! What you call a biriba looks exactly like what we called rollinia in HI. I know that they're closely related. Super super yummy...

    HI doesn't have the diversity of wildlife, though--sounds like you had a treat.

    It's been sunny and windy here the last couple days--nice to have a little warmth!

  2. Ela, I was thinking of you while I ate the biriba. I'm glad you can envision the taste. I'm also glad you are enjoying some sun in Homer!

  3. I look llike you just walking to the mailbox--SW Florida is seriously humid--like all year round or else it just feels that way. How are you keeping bgs off??
    Peace & Raw Health,

  4. @Elizabeth
    Hey Elizabeth! Do you just live in air conditioning all summer? Do you sweat less because you are so used to it?

    I used some deet on our trip (in extreme circumstances), but tried to keep it natural with coconut oil mixed with citronella. Unfortunately that didn't really work. :)