Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bocas del Toro

After our jungle lodge stay, we returned to Isla Colon for four nights.  We stayed in a cute little casita (Saigoncito 1), that was more in our price range ($45/night).

Free bikes came with our rental, so we spent many sweaty hours biking around the island, in search of beaches, seafood, and coconuts.  

The best part of our stay was our rendezvous with great travel friends, who we'd met on a previous trip to Nicaragua.

In Bocas, you can hire inexpensive water taxis to take you to other islands, beaches, and over the water restaurants.  It's low season right now, and it's not difficult to find a secluded, tranquil beach.  

Although Bocas Town is a bustling tourist location, many Ngobe-Bugle people still live in traditional homes, using dugout canoes as transportation.   

Question: What do you put on horrible insect bites to soothe the itch? (TH told me to ask this question....)


  1. oh, beautiful! great pic of you!

    i use homemade plantain oil for my bug bites, but i don't think you can get that there. i've heard of ice, apple cider vinegar, toothpaste, warm tea bags, salt, baking soda and water, and of course there's the creams you can buy.

  2. Two different things, and I don't know if you can get either one there. Benadryl Clear Gel and/or Sarna Anti-Itch Lotion. Both help me.

  3. look at the beauty! wow, I bet you are having the time of your life.
    Peace & Raw Health,

    Apple Cider Vinegar for bug bites~~

  4. Question:
    When you travel like that how do you keep from getting sick from their water? Do you have to worry about produce being washed in it if you are eating it raw? I have not traveled out of the country and one of my silly fears is getting sick--not to mention I cry when I fly, sometimes.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  5. @kelli

    Thank you, Kelli! I'm very interested in how you make plantain oil. Have you blogged about it?

  6. @Mindy

    Hey Mindy! We actually brought Benadryl with us, but it didn't do a thing. I will have to look in to the Sarna Lotion.

  7. @Elizabeth
    I'm bringing ACV on my next trip! I had no idea it could be used for bites.

    Panama is a great country to visit in regards to water as you can drink from the tap in most places (except for the islands). On the islands we just buy giant jugs for drinking. As far as washing produce, I haven't had any issues. I think it's in part because I've traveled a lot and have a strong stomach, and partly because I tell myself I never get sick. It may sound strange but I know my body listens to my mind!