Saturday, July 2, 2011

Isla Contadora, Panama

For those of you interested in raw food preparation:  I will be back to it on my return to Alaska.  (You might want to check back in around August.)  For the moment I am eating lots of fresh fruits, and not so many veggies as they don't grow well in this part of the world.   I'm currently attempting to keep a travelogue, as many people ask specifics about our trips and my memory is rather shoddy.

Today I spent most of the day either under this palm tree...

...or in this water, which was crystal clear and at least 85 degrees:

I was reading a fun book called The Bee Keeper's Apprentice, which is a well-written Sherlock Holmes saga with a twist.  I never would have picked it out myself, but a friend recommended it and I have really enjoyed it.  

We had a few epic wildlife encounters as well.  This spider was about the size of a grapefruit:

TH also spotted a pack of giant tailless rodents, one hustling about with a mango in its mouth.  Not sure what they were (other than creepy).  

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!

Question:  Have you read a book recently that pleasantly surprised you?  


  1. I love the idea of a travelogue!
    Growing veggies in climates like Panama's is a weird thing. Living in HI (which is somewhat similar) brought it home to me. It really militates against a lot of raw food received wisdom about eating masses of raw greens.
    What I mean is this: it's not that veggies per se don't do well in those climates, but that most of the veggies we're used to in Europe and America (and the Middle East and India too, for that matter, and Japan and parts of China...) don't grow so well with the heat and humidity.
    But there are tons of green leafies that do grow well there, many of them perennials (which is nice if you're a gardener). But, like wild greens here, many of those greens contain significant amounts of toxins and can be quite dangerous to eat raw in large amounts. One of the most nutritious greens, chaya, is completely inedible raw...

    Anyway--sorry! I'm lusting for the tropics and my plant geekiness can't contain itself.
    I'm just about to post about some books I've been reading!

  2. Ela, I love your plant "geekiness"! You are such a wonderful source of knowledge. I've been thinking about the lack of greens thing, and my body doesn't seem to feel to different, but at meal time I can't stop thinking about a green smoothie or a giant salad. Too bad I don't know anything about wild non-toxic greens. In about a week we will be in the mountains- maybe I will find some veggies there.

    Can't wait to read your book reviews!

  3. Hey there,

    I know that feeling of wanting a salad or green smoothie when traveling in the tropics. I was never able to figure out whether it was something I 'needed.' But I like to travel with some spirulina--is that something you've tried?

  4. that spider--oh man I would have freaked!!
    Beautiful beach photos--looks a bit like our Naples beaches; can't believe how much I take them for granted. Sad.
    Peace and Raw Health,