Monday, July 11, 2011


We've been relaxing in the "mountain" town of Boquete for the past three days.  We took a collectitvo from Las Lajas to David, and then an old school bus to this lovely coffee and citrus producing town.  My main motivations for coming here were the fresh produce and flowers that grow profusely in the volcanic ash-tinged soil.

We are eating vegetables again!

I even enjoyed a non-iceberg lettuce salad at a restaurant yesterday. 

This town is filled with expat retirees, so there are a variety of interesting restaurants (aside from typical Panamanian fare) to choose from.  We found baba ganoush and tabouli at Tammy's, so we ordered it to go.  We have a fancy kitchen in our Kent Street apartment rental ($50/night); many meals have been made with the local veggies.  The carrots and tomatoes here taste exactly like my dad's super sweet garden varieties.  

(Eckkk- horrible lighting!) 

I have been drinking my weight in fruit juices. The two below were served at breakfast the other morning.  I have no idea what fruits the juices contained, but they sure were tasty.

This morning I tried my first passionfruit, and while it was beautiful, I'm not sure if I am a fan.  It was rather tart, and the seeds were really crunchy.  I do think it would be great as a smoothie addition. 

We are off to a jungle lodge for four days, where we will be computer free (and possibly without electricity...?).  Enjoy your week and I will see you this weekend!  

Question:  What was the best thing you ate today?  


  1. Oh, that's a tart kind of passionfruit. There are so very many kinds. But squeezing the pulp through a nut milk bag and just keeping the juice is awesome for smoothies (mixed with young coco water=heaven), as you suggested, although I happen to enjoy the crunch of the seeds.

    Those juices--and veggies, and mountains and flowers--look so beautiful. I wonder whether there's any cherimoya or soursop in the whiter juice.

    Have a great time in the jungle!
    Best thing I ate? A totally random smoothie that I hope to get on the blog tonight or tomorrow.

  2. @Ela

    I'm glad you told me about different varieties of passionfruit, because I tried them again and they were much sweeter. I also didn't chew the seeds, just swallowed them whole- hopefully I don't have a passionfruit growing in my belly! :)