Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Snow

In Alaska, we are very cautious about believing spring has arrived.  Yesterday we woke up to six inches of fresh snow.  Our hellacious death hill was an icy mess that I had to brave to make appointments in Wasilla.  I slid all the way down it sideways, stopping only when I plowed into a snow berm.  Luckily I wasn't going very fast, so there was no car damage and I could back myself out.

Don't worry!  If I would have gotten stuck I was prepared with snacks.    

In the baggie are a mess of kale and collard chips; a new to me recipe. I found this scrumptious recipe for Raw Food Kale Chips at the Renegade Health Show. The recipe called for two heads of kale, but it seemed like I had too much dressing for two heads.  I didn't have any more kale, so I sliced up some collard leaves.  They turned out great!

crunchy green goodness

Now I must excuse myself as this key lime pie tart won't stop staring at me.  I will share the recipe tomorrow if it pleases the taste buds of TH the Taste Tester.

Question:  What signals spring to you?  (For me, it's trading out my snow boots for my Bogs.)


  1. oh my green goodness!

    collard chips? brilliant!

    and i don't see how that key lime tart can NOT taste great.


  2. ps - do tell how you made that whipped cream, pretty please! it looks so fluffy!

  3. Wow, that sounds like a dramatic sideways slide! You sound so nonchalant about it--I guess having your kale on helps with that, and key lime pie to get home to.

    We've had snow, then rain, then snow, then rain, but snow's in the forecast and we're doing another Anchorage trip tomorrow!

    Living in AK, the shift from needing cleats in the boots to needing knee boots (kinda like you said) is a pretty good sign of spring. Also, everyone changing their tires, and all those signs going up on the roads saying 'max 85% of load' (never had that anywhere else I've lived). And long days, of course...

  4. @kelli

    Guess what, Kelli? You already have the whipped cream recipe. It's on pg. 145 of Delightfully Raw. It's actually almond cream, but I left out the almond extract and subbed mac nuts for cashews. It's incredibly delicious and the texture is perfect!

  5. @Ela
    Yes, Ela, it was a crazy slide, but we live on the top of an insane hill and it's (unfortunately) what we have to deal with a few times a year.

    We are currently getting more snow on the the top of our hill, but down at lower elevations it's raining. I wish you well on the drive to Anchorage!

    Gotta love the increased daylight. :)

  6. I don't miss the days of winter driving growing up in Michigan and then living for a while in Chicago. I have never been so cold in all my life when we had a wind chill of 50 below and my husband's car was frozen solid for two weeks on the side of the road. Oh man that was really something!
    Peace and Raw Health,