Monday, April 11, 2011

Should've Worn Kneepads

I just returned from a little road trippy up to Fairbanks for the 3rd Annual Barctic Ma'am (long story...).

pre knee damage

I didn't have time to get totally prepared, so my eats were few and far between.  It was nice to get back to  Vivian, my stocked fridge, and my D.  

Along with the usual green smoothie and giant salad, I rolled up some of Lisa's onion bread with Delightfully Raw's tomato sauce, spinach, and a few kalamata olives.  Mmmmm.

I was inspired in Fairbanks by my mom snacking on some mustard filled pretzel bites.  They smelled delish.  I had some leftover mustard dressing from Crazy Sexy Diet, so I chopped up two heads of kale and doused it in dressing.  After about 8 hours in the D at 110, the chips were tasting way better than I expected.  A new favorite maybe?  

A dessert parfait with leftover coconut whipped cream, kiwis and blueberries (for their skin healing properties) made me forget all about the weekend's skateboarding injuries.  

Question:  What in-season fruit/veggie are you loving right now?  


  1. I hope you're not too banged up? And that the event (?) was fun besides that.

    I'm loving jicama: there's some really good jicama making its way up here right now. I love it anyway, but especially when it's good...

  2. yummy food shots! love the idea of using mustard dressing for kale chips - i must try that!

  3. @Ela

    Ela, you probably know Arctic Man? Well, Barctic Ma'am is a silly version a group of ladies does in imitation. It's pretty silly.

    Jicama- I love it! It's annoying when you get a dry, moldy one. I have a hard time picking them.

  4. @kelli

    Hey Kelli! The mustard kale chips are so yummy. I'm obsessed.

  5. sorry about the injury, love the pre-trauma photo though.
    Enjoying citrus down here of course. Also our Florida melons.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  6. @Elizabeth

    Yummm, Florida melons. Fruit always tastes so much better when it isn't shipped across the country first.