Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring is Here!

Snow is melting, trumpeter swans are arriving, flies are buzzing, the sun is warming.  Aaaaaah.

Yesterday totally felt like spring- thank goodness!  After a thorough spring cleaning (which takes about an hour in our tiny place), I went for a long run on the snow-free pavement.  Trail running is still a while out, although that brings up the issue of bumping into bears.   (Many people here run with a gun, but that makes me more nervous than bears.)

We ate our dinner while basking in the sun on the porch.  It felt lovely.

Pile of greens with homemade guac and salsa.  The salsa was made by a friend and it is incredible.  She refuses to give out her secret ingredients.

Celebratory spring cocktail:
1 mango
1 small pkg frozen strawberries
2 tbsp raw honey
1 cup sake
Makes two huge servings or four normal servings.  

seriously tasty

A pear ginger cheesecake tartlet, inspired by Sweet Gratitude and Ela's cheesecake chatter.  :) 

 I'll show you the whole cheesecake tomorrow.

Question: Do you have any summer goals?  Mine is to run all the way up our 1/2 mile straight-up-and-down death hill (on the completion of a longer run) without stopping.  I've been told it can be done, but I've yet to see it.  


  1. tell your friend to share the wealth!;)

    your food looks divine! my goal this summer is to keep my garden growing and to preserve a lot of the harvest. we'll see.=)

  2. So happy for you that the weather is becoming more spring-like.
    Summer goals??? I'm still working on my winter goals. Not so good, but it will get better, I hope.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  3. Happy spring!
    That death hill run sounds like a major challenge. Reminds me of years ago, when I lived at the bottom of a steep hill that was the opposite direction from most of my usual routes. I biked everywhere, and had a short-lived (?masochistic) habit of making myself bike up that hill when I got home, before I could go home.

    My goals are mostly around writing, gardening and maintaining a good balance (we're going to be swamped with guests and equilibrium is tricky for me--too much a control freak maybe).

  4. @kelli

    Just thinking about harvesting from a garden makes me so happy! Good for you. When I was up in Fairbanks the other weekend I ate crunchy, sweet carrots left over from my parents' massive garden. They amaze me.

  5. @Elizabeth

    I've already forgotten what my winter goals were! :) Good for you for sticking with yours.

  6. @Ela

    Great goals, Ela. I need to focus on those things as well.

    I bet you felt pretty proud of yourself after biking up that hill. :)

  7. I was telling my older two kids about where you live and about your cabin. We were wondering how you shower/bathe??? You said no running water, right?
    We do quite a bit of primitive camping so we are people who can rough it when needed, but doing it 24/7, I give you a lot of credit.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  8. @Elizabeth

    Hi Elizabeth! You are right, we do not have running water. We haul our drinking/cooking water in jugs, but luckily we have a shower at the school in which we work. (Many people in our area have "dry" cabins, so when our new school was built, a shower for staff members was included.)