Monday, April 18, 2011

Improvised Cheesecake

TH has been begging for a "decadent" dessert of late.  I decided to indulge him (life is so hard) with a recipe from Sweet Gratitude.  The Pear-Ginger cheesecake sounded intriguing, and I had almost all the ingredients.

The crust I copied straight from the cookbook, so I can't share that recipe with you.  However, the filling I changed up quite a bit, so I'm going to tell you what I did.

Pear-Ginger Cheesecake Filling
adapted from Sweet Gratitude

3 cups macadamia nuts
1 pear
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup raw honey
1 cup Gingerade Kombucha
juice of one squeezed lemon
1 tbsp vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon
small knob of ginger (if you so desire)

Blend the above ingredients.  Then blend in:

3 tbsp sunflower lecithin
1 cup melted coconut oil

Pour all but 1 cup of the mixture on top of crust into springform pan.* To the remaining 1 cup of mixture add 2 teaspoons cinnamon and the scraped seeds of 5 vanilla beans.  Blend and then pour on top of the previous layer.  Decorate with sliced pears tossed in cinnamon.

*This mixture was too much for my 7" springform, so I used the remaining crust and filling in three small tart pans.  

TH was quite pleased with the result; a rich, creamy, decadent cheesecake. I can't get over the phenomenal texture. Melt in your mouth loveliness.    

Question:  What movie is at the top of your Netflix queue?  


  1. Interesting presupposition that we all have Netflix queues--but we actually do, nowadays! I think we have 'Paris' right now, and not sure what's coming next.

    That's so interesting, using gingerade kombucha in the cheesecake. What a creative idea! And mac nuts have virtually no pufa's, so if I can find an affordable source, they're a great cheesecake workaround. Sounds so yummy...

  2. Hi Ela! I had to go look up "Paris" as I'd not heard of it; looks good.

    Thanks for sharing the info about macs and PUFAs. I bought a huge amount of the raw bulk variety at Nat Pantry last time I was in town.

  3. are you kidding me??? Can I just bury my face in that cake and munch away??
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. @Elizabeth

    Thanks, Elizabeth. :) The cheesecake was pretty amazing. I shared it (against TH's wishes) with a bunch of non-raw foodies and they raved and asked for the recipe. It's gone now and I already want to make it again.