Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tough Stuff

This weekend TH and I are in Anchorage with our school's Native Youth Olympics team for the annual NYO state competition.  This is a pretty darn cool event; kids from all over the state arrive to compete in traditional Native sporting events that are insane demonstrations of strength, flexibility, and stamina.  Here is an article from the Anchorage Daily News about the events completed yesterday.

As usual, I packed a load of food to stock the hotel fridge.

Of course, Viv came along as well, for morning smoothies.  In a glass container I mixed together four servings of maca, spirulina, and Sun Warrior raw protein powder for smoothie add-ins.  

All I have to do is scoop out half of the container each morning (for TH and I).  So easy! 

Question:  What's your favorite smoothie add-in? 


  1. These days, I'm big on adding a squirt of hflax oil to my green smoothies before blending to make sure I get my omega 3's.

    I've been adding lucuma to my fruit smoothies. I like the flavor it adds.

  2. i like to add chia seeds and spirulina. have a fun trip!

  3. That sounds like an awesome event! Have a great time in Anchorage and with the kids. I'm on the road and don't have a lot of time to read, but I'll check out that article when I have a moment--sounds like a really inspiring event.

    I pack a mix of maca, chlorella, cinnamon, ginger, sometimes acai powder, tocotrienols, pea protein powder--I usually premix that even when I'm home, because that's a lot of add-ins!

  4. @Mindy

    Flax oil is a great idea, Mindy. I usually do coconut oil, but I should really mix it up from time to time. I have lucuma hiding out somewhere in my cupboard; i will have to pull it out and try it in smoothies. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

  5. @kelli

    Hi Kelli! I use chia seeds primarily for puddings, but will have to try them in smoothies. Do they soften up, or stay kind of crunchy?

  6. @Ela
    Wow, Ela, that is a lot of add-ins. Do you bring mixes of those ingredients on longer vacations?

    I hope you are enjoying your visit in the lower 48!

  7. great ideas for packing!
    I add in spirulina, kelp, dulse, hemp, chia, and pumpkin seeds.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  8. @Elizabeth

    All at once, Elizabeth? What a healthy smoothie.