Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun with Flax

Flax, like chia seeds and irish moss, is fun to play with because of the way it morphs when mixed with liquid.  It's also very healthy and filling, so I always have flax seeds in the fridge.

When I need ground flax for a recipe I pull out Viv's little cousin, the Tribest Travel Blender.  

I love this blender for grinding seeds and nuts and for making small amounts of sauces or dressings.  I've even taken it on a week long boat trip for morning smoothies (when Viv wasn't invited).  It's pretty rowdy. 

Once you have ground flax, you can add water to make an awesome binding agent.  It looks and behaves just like dough.

This is a great base for making raw crackers and breads.  I used the above blob to make Lisa's raw onion bread, which has been highly reviewed by Kelli and Elizabeth.  

This recipe was exceptionally simple to make, and true to the hype, it's very moist and bread-like.  I can't wait to pile toppings on this bread.  (Could it even be used as a pizza crust...?)

Just because I like pink so much, here's a pic of last night's sunset.  

Question:  What do you think broke into my dehydrator (which was running on the porch) and stole three hemp burgers? 

Clue #1
half eaten hemp burger

Clue #2
tracks off porch

Clue #3
tracks up close 


  1. You are kidding, right?? Snowshow hares stealing hemp burgers??? Looks like you have them as bad as we do: people say that their population is due to crash, but we're not seeing it yet and I'm worried for our garden this year. Last year I was worried too, but we'd planted clover as a groundcover and they ate it all and left our garden beds alone!

    The onion bread sounds yummy. I made some like that last year, dried them in front of our monitor heater. I'm thinking that eventually flax and chia will find their way back into my mix despite PUFA-avoiding...

  2. i love flax. isn't the onion bread great? i eat it almost every day. pizza crust = great idea.

    pretty sunset photo. bummer something stole your hemp burgers! the one photo looks like the moon.=)

  3. @Ela

    Isn't that crazy? TH now thinks it was a squirrel, but we were thinking ermine at first. I was so annoyed.

  4. @kelli

    Thanks, Kelli, for recommending the onion bread. It was so easy to make and is really versatile.

  5. oh man, isn't that bread the best??!!
    I have a freezer stock constantly going now. Yours looks beautiful.
    What the heck stole your burgers?
    Peace and Raw Health,

  6. @Elizabeth

    Love the bread. I have to make some more!

    I still don't know what broke into the D. I have it barricaded now. :)