Monday, February 21, 2011

Checking In

I wanted to post briefly to explain my absence.  TH's mom had a medical emergency and I had drive him to the Anchorage airport.  Since his departure I have been in Anchorage attending a conference.  The combination of a mother in law in ICU and being away from home did not promote blogging.  But I am so thrilled to say that TH's mom is now stable and on the mend.  She is incredibly strong!  I'll be back to blog about all the weird things I do to eat raw while in a hotel when I get home to my cabin.

Random but fun:  check out this video that was shared in one of my conference sessions today.  This kid recorded each drum beat and piano chord separately and then edited them together.  He has no experience playing either instrument.  So creative!


  1. glad to hear th's mom is doing well!

    fun video. that guy is talented!

  2. Sending best healing wishes to TH's mom and to all of you: that can be a rough ride indeed.
    We're up in Anchorage for a couple days too--crazy wind driving up here! Hope you're enjoying your conference.

  3. Awesome news re TH's mum! But I bet you've been uber stressed. Hugs!

    That vid is incredible!!

  4. Thank you so much, lovely ladies! We really appreciate your well wishes and positive thoughts. :)