Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Can't Hear You....

Look what showed up at the PO today!  

TH has been urging me to use ear protection with Vivian and the FP.  I told him I wanted pink earmuffs- who knew they actually existed!  These beauties don't just look rad, they actually work.  I think they will help with ESPN as well. 

I greedily snatched up two jars of Coconut Manna while in Anchorage a while back.  I haven't really figured out what to do with it, but I was determined to make a nut free icing the other night.  The result was pretty tasty, but I honestly don't know the ingredient measurements as I just added things until it tasted good.  I started with a softened lump of manna.  Into Viv I also dumped vanilla, irish moss gel,  coconut water, and a little liquid stevia and agave.

The "icing" served as a topping for a raw mud pie I made to take to a friend's house.  I started with the Pure 2 Raw grasshopper pie crust that I am obsessed with.  

I made an improvised version of Sweetly Raw's avocado mousse from Just Desserts.  After that layer froze I added the coconut icing and a few of Matthew Kenney's chocolate chips.  I was worried that it tasted a little too hippified, but even my friend's son enjoyed it.  

Question:  Have you used coconut manna at all?  


  1. I'm really hoping this comment will post--haven't been able to post comments all week here :( ...

    Coconut manna is the same as coconut butter/coconut paste/creamed coconut, isn't it. It is such awesome, wonderful stuff. I'm planning a post on it soon.

    Glad your pie was a success!

  2. PS--cute 'headmuffins' (a Guatemalan friend called them that trying to remember 'earmuffs'!)

    Do you know what was up with your commenting last week? I couldn't post comments for several days and don't have your email addy--was going to shout out to you from my blog! But this last comment went through ok. Before, I wasn't getting to the captcha--it was just deleting the comment over and over...

  3. Hi Ela, I'm so sorry about the comment thing- I don't know what the problem is! I haven't had any issues when I post comments, so I hope it was just a temporary snafu.

    I love 'headmuffins'!