Sunday, February 27, 2011

Produce Splurge

My local grocery store had pomelos in the produce section yesterday!   I had never tried one, so I  bucked up and spent $4 for this bowling ball:

After peeling the thick rind I had to dig through white membrane for eons before getting to the goods.   Once I located it, I found the flesh pink, juicy, and sweeter than a grapefruit.  I liked it, but probably won't buy another unless they are on sale. 

Alaska has experienced crazy wind this weekend.  Ela was taking pictures of the wind's effect on sand in Homer the other day, so I took some windy snow pics during my ski this afternoon. It was not a day for fast skiing, as snowdrifts kept getting in the way.  The wind actually blew me backwards when I stopped to take these pictures. 

I was so grateful to have a toasty warm fire to come home to.  I had also placed Kelp Noodles & Veggies in Peanut Sauce (from Delightfully Raw) in the D before leaving.   It was the perfect, hearty, post ski meal.  

Even more perfect when I added a few coco chocolate bites (same ingredients as yesterday), just to make sure they tasted good before I sent some over to the neighbors. 

While we are on the topic of treats, I put part of a Thai young coconut and pineapple to good use in the form of a pina colada from Raw Food Real World. TH and I toasted the return of warmth in the sun. 

(I swear, I eat things other than treats, but my salads and veggie bowls are often a big, jumbled mess.) 

Question:  How often do you eat treats?  What's your favorite treat? 


  1. Well darn it--I posted a lengthy comment and it got lost in the posting!

    I love seeing the wind photos from your neck of the woods. Blown backwards on skis sounds like an intense experience indeed.

    It's so much more alluring to photo beautiful treats than the salad/veggie jumbles that are most of what we eat!

    'Treat' means a lot of things to me (a pommelo would be a treat for sure--so yummy once you get through all the pith) but usually it's a little, intense bite of something rich. Mine tend to get very ''good for you" and spirulina'd up. But I did recently succeed in recreating my very favorite cardamom-y Indian candy without the sugar or the yucky condensed milk aftertaste. I should post on the blog soon, but I think my blog should be renamed 'backlog!'

  2. Sorry about the post, Ela- any advice on how I might keep that from happening again?

    I hope the wind has died down for you. We are getting so much light; I feel like we're finally reaching the end of a long, dark tunnel.

    I can not wait to read about your cardamom candy. Success in recipe inventing is so gratifying.

  3. YEAH!!! You got a pummelo!
    You should cut them not peel them. Did you freak out at all of the seeds??? I did a post on cutting them to avoid the seed mess.
    put "pummelo" in my search box and you should find it. I have posted a lot about pummelo's b/c I LOVE them!! Just made a blended juice yesterday with 4 pummelos, baby spinach and the juice of one Meyer lemon. Blended it till frothy and guzzled it down.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. @Elizabeth
    Elizabeth- you know what is so funny? I bought the pomelo/pommelo/pummelo because I'd read about them on your blog. Wikipedia had informed me that there were three ways to spell it, so I went with "pomelo". I actually went to search your blog before I posted the above post, but got nada. Now I know why!

    That juice sounds so refreshing. Thanks for the cutting tip. The one I had actually didn't have that many seeds.