Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hummdigity Hummus

The dip I made over the weekend was Ani Phyo's red pepper hummus, which she shared with rawfoodrecipes.com.  The main ingredient is red pepper (instead of zucchini, nuts, or sprouted chickpeas).

I like to pack containers for the work week- all I have to do is chop extra veggies when I'm making evening salads and the next day's lunch is ready. 

Of course, hummus is also lovely on crackers, with a little olive tapenade and veggies.  I love the colors of raw veggies!  

Question:  Do you tend to eat the same thing everyday, or do you need to mix it up?  


  1. That hummus sounds yummy--bell pepper makes me sick to my stomach, for some reason, but it has the most wonderful taste. Fortunately, hot peppers (when they're red) don't have the same effect--I love spicy!

    Love your organization of lunches!

    I have pretty much the same smoothie every morning, but otherwise I tend to change it up more...

  2. I'm so sorry that you don't get to eat bell peppers. They are sweet, crunchy, deliciousness!

    I'm with you on the smoothie thing, but usually only mix up lunch and dinner on the weekends. I'm all about easy during the week.