Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everyday Should be Saturday

My favorite item in this week's Full Circle Farm box is the blood oranges.  The are actually the size and shape of mandarins- is that normal?  They were lovely in a smoothie with pears, frozen bananas, chard, coco oil, Sun Warrior protein, and spirulina.

Lately I've been trying to become more of a mushroom fan.  I refused to eat them as a child (earthy taste, slimy texture), but now I realize that hip, sophisticated people enjoy fungus.  There have also been several publications announcing the results of a study that found white button mushrooms to be immune system boosters (Science Daily, 2010).  Today I tried an appetizer recipe from I Am Grateful of Cafe Gratitude. (I must tell you that I love reading this book and looking at the pictures.  It is so positive and upbeat; such a wonderful reminder of the importance of appreciation.)

I Am Magical stuffed mushrooms

I think hip, sophisticated people would like these a lot.  They are very mushroomy.  The jury is still out for me.  I will say that pulling the stems out of the mushrooms was incredibly satisfying. Can I get a job doing that? 

After our amazing ski today, I was in the mood for chocolate. I think I've made something like this before, but these may be better.  TH said I should call them Raw Almond Joy Truffles, but I decided to change the "Raw" to "Rawish" because I used maple syrup, which is not raw. (It's boiled and higher on the glycemic index than other sweeteners, but I'm alright with that.)

Rawish Almond Joy Truffles

1 1/2 cup dried coconut
1/2 cup raw almond butter (or not raw)
1/2 cup maple syrup
dash of vanilla
pinch of salt

Mix the above ingredients in a food processor.  Place in fridge to harden, and then roll into balls and store in the freezer while you make the outside. 

3/4 cup cacao
3/4 cup melted coconut oil
3/4 cup maple syrup
dash of vanilla
pinch of salt

Blend the above ingredients. (I usually use my small travel blender, and then store the leftover chocolate in it in the fridge).  Dip the inside balls into the outside sauce, set on waxed paper, and then sprinkle coconut on top.  Store in the freezer.

If I had known these were going to taste like candy bars, I would have shaped them accordingly.  Wouldn't that have been fun?

Question:  What is your favorite Saturday activity? 


  1. You didn't know those would taste like candy bars??? They sound great.

    I'm hoping to make some goodies this evening. Went for a lovely sunny (_cold_) beach hike today.

    Blood oranges are usually smaller than regular oranges but not as small as mandarins. Did you know that they are a cross between an orange and a pomegranate? I had always wondered why they taste like pomegranates and when I found that out, it was explained.

    I love mushrooms and am hoping to learn how to harvest chaga, since everyone says it's so wonderful. And (I used to live in the Bay Area)--Cafe G has that same energy in real life too--it's so nice.

  2. Hello Ela! I did not know the deets of blood oranges. No wonder they are so beautiful and tasty.

    It's cold and windy here too, but the sun is beginning to feel warm!

    I would love to go to Cafe Gratitude. Is it strange that I want to plan a raw food trip around the U.S.? TH is not buying it.

  3. Your sweet treat looks great!!
    I like fungus too--I wish I had that recipe book--it is on my wish list.
    Blood oranges are so cool! Love the taste.
    Peace and Raw Health,