Thursday, February 24, 2011

Country Bumpkin

When I was a child one of my favorite books was a gorgeously illustrated version of "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse".  I was thinking about that story during my time in our state's booming metropolis.  Although there are aspects about Anchorage that I adore (i.e. staying downtown and walking to New Sagaya), most of it makes me nervous.  The traffic is horrendous, one-way streets sneak up on me, I get lost in parking garages, and apparently you can't park overnight on the street unless you want to head for your car the next day, find it missing, and through major detective work discover it's been towed for snow plowing ($$$).  My last night I went to Barnes and Noble as I was waiting for TH's flight to come in.  Did you know that people go to the bookstore at 10:00 on a weeknight??  In fact, the place was hopping.  I was shocked.  

One thing I truly love about the downtown area is the Coastal Trail.  I was chasing the sun every evening after sessions. 

As far as I know, Natural Pantry is the only health food store within 250 miles of my cabin.  I spend way too much money there when I'm in town.  Two of my purchases this go around were vitamins.



I've been interested in purchasing vitamins in non-pill format, as I've read that the absorption rate of pills is 5-18%,  (Physicians Desk Reference, 2009).  I wasn't too excited that the B12 strips contain sorbitol and sucralose, but the other options weren't any better.  One of my friends told me that she could feel the effect of increased Vitamin D the day after upping her levels.  Didn't happen to me.  Do you supplement with Vitamin D?  How soon, if at all, can you tell a difference?

After a cacaoless week, I was rifling around behind my mountains of bananas and found a lone Super Cacao Caramel Tart (Delightfully Raw recipe)!  I was kind and offered to share with TH.  He hasn't eaten his half yet and it won't stop staring at me.

Question:  Are you a country mouse or a city mouse?  Do you think your preference has something to do with the locale in which you grew up? 


  1. pretty photo! it must be very interesting to live where you do. i spent the first 9 years of my live in the city, then moved to the suburbs. now i'm back in a small city, though i think i'm more of a country mouse.=)

    b12 strips? i'll have to look into those. and the tart looks like quite a treat - i just purchased delightfully raw and may have to make one soon.=)

  2. Oh, but isn't Anchorage big and scary, commodities notwithstanding?

    And I grew up in a big city--but I knew from a little girl that I was not a city person. I loved that fable too!

    I take 10,000 iu of Vit D per day! That just what I need, and I guess it's a lot. Mediterranean genes and all the rest of it. I'm grateful for Sagaya and the Natch Panch. Oh, and that coastal trail, yes indeed!

    Interesting about the pill thing. I'll ask my ND when I see him next week. My vit D are softgels but atm I get b12 shots in the butt!

  3. I know what you mean about the bookstore!! When hubby and I go out for dinner we go to the bookstore afterwards and just hang out looking through magazines and books. Ok, so we aren't the most exciting people but we love it!
    You might want to look into the book titled, "Supplements Exposed". An eye popper!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. @kelli

    Hi Kelli! You've been all over the place! I think our adaptability as humans is so amazing. We develop our comfortable routines and lifestyles in all sorts of locales.

  5. @Ela

    I think it's interesting that you knew the city wasn't for you as a young girl. I grew up in the country and remember being jealous of my classmates who lived in the suburbs and could play with each other all the time.

    B12 in the heinie? I hadn't heard of that, but I bet it's quite effective. Is it painful?

  6. @Elizabeth

    So you are a late night bookstore person. :) I love visiting the bookstore as well, but it never occurred to me that it could be a late night activity.

    I just popped over to Amazon to look at "Supplements Exposed" and from what I read I'm in agreement with the author. The only two vitamins I feel I can't get in my diet are b12 and Vitamin D. Do you supplement with those at all?