Monday, February 7, 2011

Tomato Sauce Three Ways

I've been trying out some more complicated recipes lately, but eating raw can be so easy.  I usually make  a sauce, a dressing, and a dip over the weekend.  Throughout the week I just add veggies or raw crackers and I'm good to go.  One sauce that I adore is Carmella's tomato sauce from Delightfully Raw.  I make a double batch at a time and then use it to make veggie pasta, raw pizza, and cracker bites.  It's also really good as a dip for veggies.

Cacao was also kicking it in the D this weekend.  I made Matthew Kenney's chocolate chip cookies, which were quite easy (once the chips are done).  

Warning #1:  These taste nothing like your mom's Tollhouse cookies.  
Warning #2:  It is hard to stop eating these fudgey brown goo piles straight out of the D. 
Warning #3:  Unless you have extra normal sticky-batter spreading skills, they won't look as pretty as Matthew Kenney's.  In fact, they bear a striking resemblance to a prank you can order from the back of a comic book.  

Question:  Do you plan and prepare workweek eats over the weekend, or wing it?  


  1. I just wing my eats but gosh all your planning over the weekend is putting me to shame. And the prettiness of it. Man I am hungry already. I love the little cracker bites. I am thinking I need to plan a visit to your place next year when I hit up New York and OKC (I put it on my vision board to make a big trip to the states next year).

    The cookies, hmmm, when we made them in school we used our hands to form them perfectly like this but they do look less sticky than yours.

    I bought that Delightfully Raw book after you raved about it for too long and MY the food looks incredible in there so I am glad you say it tastes even better. I have better pull my finger out and start making some of it!

  2. Oh my, your cookies look so much better! I never thought to use my fingers- the batter was soooo sticky.

    Yes, you should come to Alaska! And then I'll come to Saudi. :)

    I hope you try something from Delightfully Raw. I'm so curious to see what you think of it.

  3. Sounds yummy, all of it. With sticky stuff like that, I usually form with my hands with a bowl of water close by, keep my fingers wet.

    I love those tomato-ey sauces but don't seem to make them very often. Am on a salad and roasted veggies kick right now, and smoothies, of course...

  4. yay--your comment form is working again!

    Just saw your comment on my blog: so glad you signed up for the 'debate': I'm looking forward to discussing it with other interested parties...

  5. @Ela

    Thank you so much for the Great Health Debate tip. I've only had time to listen to Jonny Bowden, but hope to listen to another this evening.