Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Operation Spring Clean my Bod

After a wild and crazy week at SXSW in Austin, my body felt in need of good clean eats.  Maybe it's psychological (probably not), but my pants are feeling a bit snug.  A while ago I read Crazy Sexy Diet and for the most part agreed with the info presented.  (More about that this weekend.)  The book ends with a "21 Day Cleanse" that is not too different from my normal way of eating- except for ixnay on the occasional glass of wine and/or nightly dessert.  I decided to give it a whirl.  Here are my eats from Day 1 of Operation Spring Clean my Bod:

Spinach/Kale/Strawberry/Banana Smoothie

Palak Paneer (from Crazy Sexy Diet-almost followed the recipe)
a few olives
an apple 

Pre-Workout Snack
Raw Food Real World corn chips

Making Dinner Snack (I was starving, darn it!)
Spicy Almond Butter Kale Chips (I will share the recipe when I decide if I love them or not)
Kombucha (picture taken with sunset at 8pm!!)

Giant salad with sauerkraut and hemp seeds
Sweet Dijon Dressing from Crazy Sexy Diet 

Dessert (because I don't really like following rules)
Frozen banana (whipped up in FP)
 a little caramel sauce 

So, my food intake today was not that different than pre-Austin eats.  Normally I might snack a bit more after my workout because I get crazy hungry but today I just had a few kale chips and ate an early dinner.  I also usually have a more aggressive dessert.  The other change I made is to try to finish eating by 7pm (as opposed to eating at 9pm). 

Question:  What do you do when your body feels in need of a spring cleaning?  


  1. yummy yum! a spring cleanse sounds like a really good idea. when i feel like a cleaning i'll juice or smoothie it up, but today i'm too cold to do either!=)

  2. @kelli

    Hey Kelli! Are your plants okay in your cold weather?

    One of the few reasons I would like more living space and running water would be to purchase a juicer. I cannot fathom cleaning one without water.

  3. hi katie,
    try lemon and tumeric instead of cayenne pepper. Tumeric is a super herb.Um, your life is a cleanse why would you need to do something different for 11 days. Tait and I, on the other hand, just finished an 11 day cleanse and needed it!
    Finished my degree and starting a business-Healthy Starts Nutritional Consulting. I am blogging for Coral as well-though not as pretty or funny as your
    Email me your summer plans and hopefully we can get together. Love you!

  4. also, you should look into making your own kombucha and kefir grains. I can send the kefir grains but you will have to find the scoby in AK. I am sure someone does it in Talkeetna.

  5. @shannon

    Hi Shannon! I just woke up from a dream about us going on vacation together- how weird is that???

    I am so excited about your business. I just went to your website and it looks so professional and informative. Good for you! I will be back there often to get helpful info.

    You are right about the kombucha. I'm going to try and get a scoby from my friend in Fairbanks. I need to learn more about kefir grains.

    P.S. If you would have witnessed our spring break you would understand why a cleanse was in order. :)

  6. Everything looks beautiful and yummy. I always feel like a need a cleaning even when eating healthy like I do--I think my body just really craves the greens and I feel like I need more and more. I will juice like crazy then and also drink a good herbal detox tea.
    Peace and Raw Spring Cleaning,