Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All I Need is a Pinata

Have I mentioned my love of I am Grateful?  Spinach tortillas (aka "I am Bueno") made with only four ingredients?  I had to try them.

Yes, they did get quite crispy.  Luckily, the insightful I am Grateful authors suggest moistening the tortillas to make them pliable once again.  It worked.  

As only a faux hippie can be, I was also excited to try the "I am Elated" recipe (sun-dried tomato, chile, and pumpkin seed pate).  FYI:  according to The George Mateljan Foundation and its World's Healthiest Food website, pumpkin seeds are a good source of magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, protein and zinc.  Who knows what all those minerals and vitamins do in conjunction with one another, but I'm guessing they probably make you smarter, thinner, funnier, happier, and better looking.   :)

After soaking overnight, I processed the seeds with sun-dried tomatoes and various seasonings.  I thought the pate was a little plain at first, but it was perfect when combined with the spinach tortillas, cashew sour cream (also from I am Grateful), my friend's homemade salsa, and a few avocado slices.  


I predicted TH wouldn't be quite so in awe of green tortillas, so I served his burritos with Ezekial spouted grain tortillas and lots of Valentino's hot sauce.  They were well received.  


Question:  Are you feeling the power of increased daylight where you live?  


  1. Yes--the days are getting so long so rapidly, and we haven't had an overcast day in ages.

    That spinach tortilla is one of the things for which I wish I had a dehy--so yummy. I like how you made the whole thing do double duty for you and your husband. Pumpkin seeds, despite their freight of PUFAs (and of course, some people say that they have good kinds of omega 6 and some 3 too), have an amazing mineral profile: supposed to be especially good for male health. My grandfather in Israel didn't know anything about zinc but he knew that about pumpkin seeds...

  2. Interesting comment about your grandfather, Ela. I love learning from traditional health remedies because I think the scientific research process often breaks things down into isolated pieces and the whole picture can be neglected.

  3. I just have to get that book!!
    Peace and Raw Health,