Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break, Y'all

It was not my intention to be absent from the blogoshpere for so long!  TH and I are just returning from my little brother's place in Austin, Texas and the South by Southwest Festival.  I brought my computer, expecting to do a little blogging, but the trip was a whirlwind of music, eating, site seeing, and bar games.

As usual, I stuffed my departure carry-on with dehydrated goodies; this time Cranberry Maple Granola (subbing blueberries) and corn chips, both from Raw Food Real World. The granola was a big hit with everyone who sampled it.

Viv did not get to go on this trip* (a week vacation does not call for checked baggage in TH's mind), so I encouraged the boys to get their vitamins with me, via green smoothies from The Daily Juice or Whole Foods.

*Don't worry,  a friend checked in on her in our absence.  :)

The Austin Whole Foods is actually the flagship store and it is magnificent.  There is a raw food bar which  I visited on numerous occasions.  It's not very often that I get to sample raw food that is not prepared by me.

raw tostada

mock tuna salad

Whole Foods also has a new wine bar, which was surprisingly bumpin'!  Friends of ours joined us in Austin for a few days of the festival and we sampled beer and champagne flights.  It was so much fun to hang out at the bar, occasionally sending someone off on a mission to find delicious, healthy snacks.  I think we spent five hours there one afternoon/evening.  (Whole Foods, will you please come to Anchorage??) 

Austin is a funky, eclectic, vibrant community.  There is a palatable creative energy that seems to pulse through the city.  Here are a few scenes from our week, before I hop on our flight to Anchorage.

 Question:  Did you have a spring break?  If so, what did you do?  


  1. Good to read you again! Safe flight back, and what an awesome break destination. I've only heard good things about Texas and that WF store sounds awesome. How neat to have a wine bar with such good food choices close by. I loved that phrase 'palatable creative energy'--I'd have said 'palpable' but I like your version better.

    Phil went away and played/ski'd for a spring break week and I had glorious alone time--got lots of writing done, etc.

  2. Hey Ela! You are so right, I did mean to say 'palpable', but the whole trip was easy on the palate so I'll go with it. :)

    I'm glad you were able to get a lot of writing done; that must have felt so nice. I adore productive alone time.

  3. sounds like a fun spring break.
    We won't start ours until everyone goes back to school here. We like to take ours before or after the public schools so we don't have to fight crowds at attractions and the beaches. We live in a vacation community so it makes more sense for us. Another benefit of homeschooling--being in charge of our vacation schedules.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. @Elizabeth

    Hi Elizabeth! Scheduling breaks on your own time is a wonderful perk. Are you going to do something exciting for your break?