Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Vitamin D is Back

I don't have much to show for eats as everyone in this neck of the woods is crawling out of hibernation and getting social with the increased daylight.  I haven't yet reached the point that I feel comfortable popping out the camera in mixed company.  I have newish friends that don't know the peculiar depths of my food preferences and over the past few days I've eaten things that didn't necessarily jive with me in order to avoid rudeness and starvation.  Sometimes I just don't feel like the lengthy explanation.

The weather has been gorgeous here (mid '20s, no wind, bright warming sun, bluebird skies) and my friend and I skied for hours today.  Some kind soul had groomed a never-ending trail through the woods that was just beautiful.

After our ski I enjoyed the sunset view from my cabin while stuffing my starving face with broccoli and Carrot Miso Dressing from Choosing Raw.  I think it's so enjoyable to dunk veggies in a dip made of veggies. 

That snack was quickly following by a few spoonfuls of raw almond butter and then a fat slice of Sweet Gratitude's lemon meringue pie. 

It was pretty much a raw fast food fest.  I actually had a giant salad for my real dinner a few hours later, so I did manage to get my greens in. 

Question:  Do you have eating preferences that make dining as a guest tricky?  If so, how do you deal?  


  1. pretty photos. i find i'm very tempted to eat the foods i'd like to avoid when i'm dining as a guest.

  2. Yes, Kelli, I agree! It's not even that I really want to eat other foods, but more like I want to avoid being rude.

  3. Ok, you did it again--you are killin me with that delicious looking pie.
    Hubby and I began skiing at the age of 4. We are both from Michigan. We miss skiing but nothing else about Michigan winters!! We are just Florida bums now I guess.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. I am gonna have to make that lemon meringue pie! Love hearing about you skiing, and hasn't it been gorgeous lately?

    It is such a tough thing, not wanting to be rude/complicated, sometimes not wanting to go through the whole explanation, and yet wanting to take care of ourselves!

    I almost always bring food myself if we're going somewhere. If at all possible, I try to explain some things ahead of time. Lately, I've been fine with cooked veggies or beans when eating out, especially if I'm sure that no vegetable oil was involved. But it's sure tough!

  5. It's been so gorgeous, Ela! I know you've been out enjoying the sun as well.

    I usually try to bring food to friends' that I would choose to eat, but on this occasion it was requested that I bring dessert. I'll have to bring a little something else next time.

  6. I love that pie! It's on my blog header. :-)

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Bitt. Now I have to go look at your blog header!