Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sippy Sunday Sake

I got out of bed at 10:00 today!  Granted, I was lying in bed reading, but still.  That means my morning green smoothie happened at about 11:00 a.m.

Before heading out on a ski I fixed up some curry sauce from Delightfully Raw (using macadamia nuts instead of cashews).  I dumped a little sauce over kelp noodles and assorted chopped veggies, then put the whole mess in the D.  When we arrived home starving, a deliciously warm lunch was awaiting us. 

(I think I let my sunflower sprouts go to long; however I've read mixed reviews about if this is okay or not.  I'm still eating them, long tail and all.)

It seems that I've started a wee Sippy Sunday Sake tradition.  I've mentioned how I stopped drinking wine Mon.-Fri.  However, on Saturday and/or Sunday I usually imbibe in a bevvie.  Today I made: 

Blueberry Slushies
1 16 oz bag frozen blueberries 
juice of one lemon
1 cup sake
1/4 cup agave
dash of vanilla
dash of salt

Blend above ingredients until slushie.  Share with three other people (or not). 

Dinner tonight, as usual, is a giant salad (head of romaine, sprouts, sauerkraut, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, hemp dressing from Delightfully Raw). 

TH is having raw Hawaiian style pizza with a smaller salad.

Question:  How was your Sunday? 


  1. i'm loving all those photos - yummy yummy! i've got raw pizza packed for lunch that i want to add olives to now.=)

    what is the sauce on the hawaiian style pizza?

  2. you've been awarded the 'one lovely blog' award!=)

  3. That sake sounds so good. It's awesome that you get out and ski so much. Looks like your sunflower sprouts are well on the way to being sunflower greens--I like them even better that way: have you tried doing those?

  4. @kelli

    Hey Kelli! I use the sauce recipe from Delightfully Raw. It's delicious.

    Thank you so much for the blog nomination! You were so sweet to think of me.

  5. @Ela

    Hi Ela! I actually haven't tried to make greens yet, but now that both you and Elizabeth have mentioned it I really want to.

  6. Wow your food looks so beautiful!!
    Wonderful post. So cool that you used the macs instead of the cashews!! I bet it was better tasting that way too.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  7. Ooops, I forgot to ask, did you ferment your own kraut? I am on day two of fermentaion with some green kraut. I sure hope it turns out.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  8. @Elizabeth

    Thanks for your comments, Elizabeth! Yes, I do occasionally ferment my own sauerkraut, but I actually had some Bubbie's to use the other night. I love kraut. Hope yours is delicious. :)