Saturday, December 11, 2010


I had a little bit of a Saturday high today, filled with an overwhelming sense that life is so good.  The only thing that popped my happy bubble the tiniest bit was opening up the red and white envelope that arrived in the mail.  So, I swear that I have Netflix gremlins.  I am consistently confused upon discovery of some artsy, foreign, LeFilm Festival winner in my PO box.  Said movies sit on our shelf night after night, sadly listening to our evening conversation.

Me:  Want to watch a movie?
TH:  What do we have?
Me:  "The Brave Little Toaster".
TH:  Ummm, forget it.  I'm too tired to read subtitles.

Wtf?  Where do these mystery movies come from?  I have to admit that NPR reviews and I might play some small part in this.  My memory has been a bit faulty lately.  TH says I have successfully killed any former Netflix excitement he used to harbor.  I think he should blame the Gremlins.

Post Kenpo workout snack:

frozen blackberries smooshed with honey and lemon
almond milk

For lunch I blended up another batch of curry sauce from Delightfully Raw.  It is so fantastically delicious.  Last week I used it to make kale chips, a kelp noodle dish and dipped veggies in the leftover sauce.  I needed to make more to pour over veggies and warm up in the D.

I'm in the process of putting together my first Moonie Pies from Sweetly Raw.  All the separate parts were quite tasty, so I'm expecting heaven when I put everything together.

Question:  Anyone made any yummy raw recipes with sunchokes?


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