Thursday, December 23, 2010


We have been busy spicing it up lately.  When eating out at a new place (or a place where you don’t really understand the menu), it is exciting to see the “extras” that are served pre meal.  I’ve been really digging on these pickled jalapenos.  Not too spicy, and just the right amount of pickled tang. 

Last night, after the sunset,

we tried out Papa Locas.  The place was packed, cheap, noisy, and the grilled concoctions were manned by an eight (?) year old standing on a plastic crate.  The extras were the best to date.

Of course, at a place like this it is nearly impossible to order a raw plate.  It’s a good thing that when I’m on vacation I don’t hold myself to any sort of rules.  I ordered un plato vegetariano sin queso, and cleared my nasal passages when I added bits of all the salsas. 

TH enjoyed a meaty, cheesy mess that he stuffed into tortillas and filled with extras.

The other night was my bday and I was craving a salad.  We’ve only found two places in town that serve salads, and both locales are way more upscale than we feel comfortable with.  However, one of those places (Caprichos) had been recommended to us and so we decided to do it up right.

The courtyard dining area was gorgeous.  It instantly reminded us of one our favorite places, Granada, Nicaragua.

I ordered ceviche to start, which was marinated in a soy/lime sauce, as opposed to the lime/tomato sauce that I’m accustomed to.  It was very tasty and I barely shared.  TH would be embarrassed if I told you that I whipped out my raw corn chips.  I did. 

I followed that with a gorgeous salad, covered in avocado, hearts of palm, cukes, tomatoes and a light, house vinaigrette. 

TH loved his poblano pepper stuffed with shrimp and cheese, served with a black bean sauce.  He wished it was bigger.

The funny thing is, Caprichos is only pricy for Zihua standards.  The whole meal, including a little brew, bubbly, and tip was the equivalent of $60.  It just feels extravagant when we can easily find dinner for two for just over $10 a night.  


  1. TH says "gracias"! Sounds like you had a fun dice evening with S & K. Maybe you should meet us in Austin for South by Southwest!!