Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Smuggling Corn Chips

A little 3:30 p.m. sunset action:

I am such a nerd.  We leave for Mexico in two days, and what did I spend my evening doing?  Packing? No.  Wrapping Christmas presents?  No.  Grading finals?  No.  Instead of doing everything I should have done, I made a large batch of raw corn chips from Raw Food Real World so that I would have something healthy to eat with my vacation guacamole.  I will be very upset if I have to throw these friends away in customs.   

Even the batter (?) dough (?) was tasty.  I ate quite a bit of it while spreading it out on the D trays.  I'm glad it worked out because I had to make a few recipe substitutions:  
  • green pepper instead of red pepper
  • lemon juice instead of lime
  • cayenne instead of jalapenos
I also made some dates stuffed with almond butter and dipped in chocolate sauce (idea from Delightfully Raw) for a few healthy friends.

Is it wrong that I thought about moonie pies about 761 times today?  

Recipe from Sweetly Raw 

Question:  Do you have a favorite food item that you insist on taking with you on trips?  


  1. Wow, beautiful scenery! The corn chips look great, too! My favorite take with food is pretty boring ... bananas. They have their own packaging and are easy to clean up after.

  2. Thank you, Lisa! I totally agree about bananas. The only thing I dislike is when they get smooshie when packed in a bag.