Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Heart Dolphins

What a lovely view from our window this morning.

We walked to town for breakfast today, as we were running low on fruits for smoothies.  I ordered fresh squeezed orange juice and a giant plate of fruit.  Most enjoyable.

Photo shoot at the market!

What a gorgeous lobster.

Yesterday we hired a boat to take Tom fishing.  The highlight of the day was a giant pod of dolphins that surrounded our boat.  Our guide turned off the motor and we were engulfed by a sea of hundreds of dolphins, jumping, diving, cavorting around us.  What an amazing show!  

Question:  Anyone know what these things are?  


  1. Are they lychee? If so, eat them immediately.zY

  2. Hi CC! I don't think they are lychee. In my limited Spanglish conversation with the market boy I think I established that they are vegetable matter and good for sick people. ???

  3. Well, how very helpful of him. I didn't think they looked exactly like a lychee, but that seemed the closest.

    Not sure if I told you that I bought the e-book Delightfully Raw. You should put a link to it on your site. Maybe she will give you an affiliate kickback. I made my first dish, Kelp Noodle Salad. It was good but my mind had a tough time with it because it was crunchy like seaweed but tasted like Pad Thai. Overall pretty successful. I love the marinated veggies.

  4. Kelp noodles are fascinating, aren't they? TH really likes them. I often marinate them overnight, and then put them in the D before serving. That really helps to soften them up. I'm so glad you are making recipes from Delightfully Raw! Have you tried any desserts yet?