Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Keeping it Simple

When I have time on the weekends I like to play with somewhat complicated raw food recipes.   During the workweek, however, I like to keep things quick and easy.

Breakfast is always a green smoothie, which I carry to work in a mason jar (inducing the gag reflex in my first period class).

Lunch is veggies and some kind of dip that I've prepared in bulk over the weekend. This week's dip is Ani Phyo's raw Red Pepper Hummus.  

In the afternoons I snack on fruit and nuts or raw cereal and nut milk. 

Weekday dinners are always a gigantic salad with EVOO and ACV, or a dressing made over the weekend, like this yummy ranch from Sunny Raw Kitchen.

TH always has a smaller salad, then I usually make him something cooked.  This evening I had some extra squash and zucchini kicking around so I sauteed it in olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  TH enjoyed it in a tortilla with beans and goat cheese.  It smelled lovely.

Dessert is often some kind of chocolatey goodness.  Before eating high raw I always craved dessert, but rarely let myself eat it.  Now I eat dessert every night that I want it.  It's so fun to eat something this delicious on a regular basis and not gain weight or feel yucky after eating it.  


  1. Hey Kt. What is your favorite Raw Food book? One that could get me started. My plan is to start by incorporating the green smoothies in the mornings and then going from there. I thought you could make a recommendation for a book or other sites you like.

  2. Hi CC! Oh, I have so many favorite books and websites. The blog that helped me the most when I was first dabbling in raw foods was The Sunny Raw Kitchen. I actually purchased all of their e-recipe books and have loved everything I've made from them. The newest e-book, Delightfully Raw, has amazing recipes, but also more advanced techniques (for when you become a rawk star). My favorite raw book to look at is Raw Food Real World. It's kind of fancy-schmancy but I've made several recipes and they are delish. (The Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart is mind blowing!). I could go on and on....

    PS: Thank you for reading my blog! :)

  3. I love your blog. It is fun to read. I have tweeted about you a couple of times and talked about you Facebook. Maybe that will push a few more readers your way.

  4. Awww, thanks, CC. I've been kind of reluctant to tell people I know about the blog because I still think it's a little weird to talk so much about food! I have no problem putting it out there in the anonymity of the internet, though. :) Thanks for hooking it up!