Monday, December 6, 2010

Raw Curry

Eating raw in the winter doesn't appeal to some people because they believe that eating raw means always eating cold food.  This is so not the case!  When I have a hankering for a comforting,  soul-warming dish I simply put my lunch/dinner plate in the D and pull it out when it's warm all the way through.  For example, this weekend TH and I enjoyed an outstanding curry with kelp noodles.  I used my leftover kale chip curry sauce from Delightfully Raw and mixed zucchini, cabbage and broccoli in with the kelp noodles. The combination of creamy sauce and the D helped the noodles lose their crunchy texture.  It was flippin' fantastic.

We followed the curry with a little raw cheesecake from, once again, Delightfully Raw.  This meal was pure bliss.  

Damn, I have a crush on that recipe book.  I love that I can confidently make any recipe, secure in the fact that I will not be wasting hard to come by ingredients.  I have one raw food recipe book, which will go unnamed, that I had to stop using because every recipe I tried tasted like it had been dug out of the litter box in a demented cat lady's house.  In fact, I just found several jars filled with brown substances of varying consistencies in the freezer, thanks to the afore mentioned recipe book.   I remember thinking, "I can't throw this away.  Maybe I will like it later."  Still not liking it.  

Question:  Do you have a favorite always reliable recipe book?


  1. wow! i am really inspired!!! i can't believe my fave np middle school teacher hasn't discussed you digestion with me yet...

  2. Hi Brook! Thanks for checking out my blog. Our np amiga does like to talk digestion. I'm surprised she hasn't told you about how I used mind power to dominate my former constipation issues. She likes to tease me about that. :)