Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weird Hippie Dishes

I was never really a cooked pizza fan.  It might all stem from the day long ago when my sister puked in Pay 'n' Save after eating at Pizza Hut.  The image of miles of gooey, greasy mozzarella encasing the shelf of Barbie corvettes is permanently etched in my memory.  

Raw pizza, however, I do enjoy quite a bit.  Without all that cheese you can actually taste the separate flavors.  This evening I pulled out one of my frozen crusts and topped it with tomato sauce (leftover from the zucchini pasta dish), cheeze, spinach, and finally veggies and olives marinated in nama shoyu, olive oil and garlic.  A brief stint in the D and mmmmmm.  It may look like one of those weird hippie dishes, but it's the real deal. 

All pizza ingredient recipes from Delightfully Raw

I made TH a vegan cauliflower slow cooker curry that smelled amazing.  (I adapted the recipe from here).  This also looks like something I would have been embarrassed to bring to lunch in middle school, but TH likes it. 

My evening chocolate fix (brownie from The Raw Dessert, coconut whipped cream from Delightfully Raw):

I went a little big on the coconut whipped cream
Question:  Does anyone have any good slow cooker recipes?  I don't eat much cooked food, but I love to throw a bunch of random ingredients in the slow cooker and come home to lovely smells in the cabin. So much easier than cooking for TH after work.  


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