Friday, December 31, 2010

Feliz Ano Nuevo

This morning Viv pulverized to perfection a mango, tangerines, collard greens (I think), Sun Warrior raw protein powder, and spirulina.

Yesterday we made a successful crossing of Zihuatanejo Bay in TH's alpacka raft.  It was a bit bouncy and unstable but we made it to Paty's just in time for Happy Hour. 

Random Zihua scenes:

P.S.  If you ever make it to Paty's for Happy Hour, I advise just saying no to a fourth round.  Otherwise you may find yourself peeing in random bushes on the way home, chasing kitties (who apparently don't want to be petted), and trying to persuade your spouse to enter a local ranchero dance contest.  Ay carumba!  


  1. I feel like you could have rocked that dance content.

  2. TG I have a stubborn husband! I had to slink around town the next day in big sunglasses and a hat. :)

  3. Thaaat's an awesome vacation story. At least they're not your neighbors! Might never see them again, so peeing in bushes is allowed (I say). Also: You took Viv on vacation with you? How big is she?

  4. "Who cares, I'll never see them again," is my favorite vacation line! :)

    Yes, Viv loves to travel. Her base weighs at least ten pounds, and she's probably 20 inches tall. I think the Mexican customs agent at the airport thought her base was a b-o-m-b.