Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Raw in Mexico

Airplane muchies:

It's been a challenge to find a place that will let me log on to a wifi network and blog, but I wanted to share a few images from Mexico.

View from our room in Zijuatanejo

I enjoyed a little jugo verde at a restaurant the other day (pineapple, celery, parsley).  It was actually pretty tasty.

The local markets do not carry any greens, so I made TH walk an hour to a supermarket with me the other day, sure that I could at least find spinach to make morning smoothies.  No luck.  Not a spinach, kale or collard leaf in sight.  Thankfully, I brought a baggie of spirulina to blend with bananas, coconut, and tangerines.  Pretty tasty. 

Good news:  my precious corn chips were successfully smuggled into the country, hiding inside Vivian. So far I've paired them with ceviche, guacamole and fresh salsa.  And of course a few of these guys:


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