Saturday, January 1, 2011

LVD Drama

Happy 2011 everyone!

Happy Hour yesterday involved a little New Year's Eve bubbly, sent with us from my g-friend Kelci from the Grape Tap. Very tasty.

Deciding on a place for our last vacation dinner (LVD) is something we debate about days ahead of time as we always want to leave on a perfect dining note.  We had a favorite place in mind (Pizza Loca) and already knew what we would order (seafood pizza for TH and a salad and guacamole for me).   On our way to dinner, we were distracted by a waiter friend from the beach.  He was working a double shift at a place called Carlo's and he tried to tempt us with his menu of sushi and ceviche.  We told him we'd come back for a drink later, and continued on to Pizza Loca.  Once seated, we were given menus, but then waited quite a while without any love.  Thinking sushi, we gave ourselves a time frame to wait, and if we still hadn't received any service we were going to slink out the back door.  The determined time elapsed and we made a run for it, back to Carlo's.  After giving drink orders, TH asked where my camera was.  Oooops- back at Pizza Loca.  Before I could say "guacamole" TH had sprinted out of Carlo's and I was left to imagine the explanation situation with the wait staff at Pizza Loca, the nice folks  we'd just dogged out on.  Twenty minutes later, TH returned successfully, camera in hand, with sheepish tales of Spanglish confusion. My hero!  

While my salad was good, Carlo's was no substitute for Pizza Loca.

TH's tuna roll consisted of mooshy rice, a speck of tuna, a fat blob of cream cheese and no wasabi!

The base of my shrimp ceviche seemed to be ketchup!

We learned our lesson.  Spontaneity may be the spice of life, but not when you are dealing with something as important as LVD!  

We needed to reward our palettes with desert.  TH had tiramisu gelato:

I had horchata (sweet rice milk with cinnamon and vanilla):

Question:  How was your New Year's dinner?  Anything delicious or interesting you'd care to share?  


  1. Yum for the horchata, and some beautiful fresh-looking avos too. You look so sun-kissed! Are you heading back to the frozen north soon? Actually we've got a big south wind storm right now, so it's warmed up and melted much of the snow down here--ugly and yucky driving.

    I made an awesome orange flan for new years--have been offline most of the week and have catching up to do, but hope to blog about it tomorrow.

  2. Hi Ela! Have you ever made raw horchata? I think I will do a little experimenting. I'm so sad to hear about the lack of snow! We were so excited for skiing on our return.

    Can't wait to read about, and hopefully try, your flan. I wish I could have brought fresh oranges back from Mexico (not to mention avocados). Yummm!

    We are currently stuck in LA, due to delayed flights and missed connections. Hoping to be home around midnight, then make the 3 hour drive to Talkeetna.

  3. wow I am super jealous of your culinary explorations! My hubs and I went to the Trout house(?) in Wasilla (I added the question mark because I call it "BIG JUICY STEAKS!" because that sign seems much larger than any others on the building). We had prime rib, which I am figuring out you probably definitely don't eat (?) - I have only read a few of your posts so far :) Anyway, looks like you had a wicked awesome time, and made me miss the sunshine!

  4. Hi Ester Jean! I don't think I've ever been to the Trout House (love the description). If you ever go to Wasilla again, you should visit The Grape Tap. The food, wine list, atmosphere and service are delightful. :)

  5. I live in Wasilla! haha! And I actually have a girlfriend who mentioned that a few weeks ago and I'm excited to check it out (we don't go on many dates, so maybe I can lure my fella with promises of recommendations from strangers. He LOVES when I talk about other bloggers like they're totally my next-door-neighbor).

    I couldn't sleep last night, or this morning, rather, so at 3:30 a.m. or way too early anyway, I found your blog by just checking out a list of all Alaskan blogs (yours is the only one I found worth subscribing to). I even spent like an hour trying to research the raw eating thing and to figure out if it would or would not devastate my guy (prolly would - *sigh* - he's a cook and he loves the way my toes wiggle when I eat something delicious he made just for me). I'm still going to look into it though. Is the outcome that I will build a cabin out in the middle of nowhere and not have running water but be cute as pie like you? ...Cause I could handle that!

    OK enough scaring you with my chatter. ...Up too early and up too late! Goodnight KT :)

  6. Oh, do go to the Grape Tap! They have lovely meat dishes if you are so inclined. You are lucky to have a cook hubby. I guess I can't complain about my situation- I cook and TH does the dishes (which is a huge deal in a waterless cabin).

    Thanks so much for your comments! :)