Saturday, November 20, 2010

Almond Butter Love

This morning we woke up to a spectacular pink-glowy mountain sunrise.  As we gazed out the window my eyes jealously darted to TH's coffee, which he doused liberally with Carolan's.  Now, I've been coffee free for eight months, but I wanted my own warm, healthy bevvie.  I found a great idea for hemp milk at The Raw Project.  I skipped the peppermint, let Vivian run an extra long time, and then enjoyed a  frothy, nutty drink that was much easier to make than almond milk and so much better for me than coffee.
I've missed you, Mr. Mug!  
The theme of my day was almond butter.  I adore the raw Maranatha brand- but it's crazy expensive.  Sometimes the Fred Meyer in Wasilla has it on sale for around $6, in which case I buy whatever is left on the shelves.  I'm thinking there must be another raw foodist in Wasilla now because the last time it was on sale there wasn't a jar in sight.  Darn.

I used almond butter in two fantastic Delightfully Raw recipes today, both equally drool worthy.  I'm telling you- you have to buy this book!   

First I made a slightly altered version of Kelp Noodles & Veggies in Peanut Sauce (no peanuts used).  The stars of this dish were these babies (thank you, Full Circle Farm!):  

Crunchy sweet goodness.  
This dish gets a huge thumbs up.  Can we talk about the amazingness of kelp noodles???

My favorite chopsticks, purchased in Japan.  
Chocolate time!   I nibbled so much throughout this next recipe.  Super Caramel Chocolate Tarts.  Mmm.
Layer 1
Layer 2

Ganache.   Bowl licked clean.  
Layer 3

Question:  Does anyone have a tasty coffee alternative enjoyed during chilly months?  


  1. I used to drink Inca instead of coffee a long time ago. I liked it.
    -Jen from class

  2. Thank you, Jen! I just looked up Inka and I may have to order some. I bet it would be good with almond/hemp milk.

    BTW: I think I just found a website with your paintings- I love your work and how you have the paintings displayed on the site. I didn't know you were an artist as well! Very cool.

  3. Wowee where do you get kelp noodles in Alaska? I love them too. And the same brand of Almond Butter when I used to make frequent trips to the USA, but that is not in my future anytime soon.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it meant I got to notice yours. Great blog!

  4. Thank you for commenting. I love YOUR blog! You have such an amazing lifestyle. I teach Middle Eastern Studies and have been nagging my husband to contemplate a trip to your neighborhood. We have a friend working as a principal in Syria and his travel pictures are epic.

    Oh, I buy bucco kelp noodles when I make the trip to the health food store in Anchorage. I adore them!