Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Snow Day

What a lovely day!  We had a little cabin fever so we fired up the snowmachine and rode to where we had to abandon our truck in the snow/ice storm.  After a little shoveling the truck was ready to pick up a few essentials and our Full Circle Farm box.

There was no way the truck was making it back up the hill to our cabin so we loaded up the snowmachine sled and ditched the truck. 

Full Circle hooked it up again.  

Lunch was yummers- guacamole and Spicy Flax and Herb Crackers from Raw Food Real World.

I didn't have a lot of the called for cracker ingredients, so I did a little substituting.  
  • carrots and zucchini instead of red pepper 
  • skipped the jalapeno peppers
  • ACV (apple cider vinegar) instead of lime juice 
  • dried herbs instead of fresh  
The food processor and I had to work it out, and lots of additional water was added to obtain spreadable batter.  The hard work paid off; the crackers are so good!

Dinner was even better.  The buckwheat pizza crust came out of the D a little crispy, but after it was topped with tomato sauce, Spicy Nacho Cheeze, spinach, marinated veggies and olives, it was absolutely divine.  TH is a huge "real" pizza fan, and he greedily devoured this and begged for more.  

Portabella, pre marinade. I wish my hair was this pretty. 

All of the recipes for this pizza (except for the nacho cheeze) can be found in Delightfully Raw.  This recipe book is incredible.  Whether you are a raw food newbie and just want to incorporate a few new healthy dishes into your life, or a rawnja (raw food ninja?  Is that lame?), you should check this book out.  

Frostingesque Dessert

Question:  Has anyone done anything interesting with pomegranates? I think Vivian could make a gorgeous pink smoothie or frosting.  Ideas?


  1. Darling everything in this post looks amazingly delicious! I have to come and visit you someday! Oh and as much as you envied my tropical holiday, i am green right now at your beautiful snow pics. Ahhh grass is greener for sure!

  2. You are too kind! Come visit any time! :) We love to show off our corner of Alaska. Snow is fun, I just wish it didn't resemble wet cement right now. We are supposed to get more of the fluffy stuff-fingers crossed.