Monday, November 29, 2010

Package Delights

I love getting packages at the PO, and this weekend's delivery from The Raw Food World was extra exciting because along with my standard order I purchased some new goodies to play with. 

Standard order:  

New to me: 

Soy lecithin and irish moss are ingredients in many raw recipes, but I try to avoid soy and I've been totally intimidated by irish moss shenanigans.  I'm going to try the sunflower lecithin as a replacement emulsifier for soy, and face my fears with the moss.  I hope to have experimentation pictures to post before long.


Curry Corn Chowder from Delightfully Raw
TH is having crockpot barbeque moose (not the ones from our yard!) with veggies.  I also made his favorite ranch dressing from Sunny Raw Kitchen.  This dressing is insane.  I started substituting all the spices (except for the salt and fresh garlic) for two tablespoons of Costco's organic no-salt seasoning, because I'm lazy.  Sooooo good.  

Think I'll have leftover raw pecan pie for dessert. The chocolate sauce is raw cacao, coconut oil, agave, sea salt and cinnamon.  

Question:  Has anyone used sunflower lecithin with success?  What kinds of recipes did you try? 


  1. Face your fear with the moss! It's easy when you know how! You can replace it by half in heavy nut based dishes like raw cakes and tortes and it has little flavour. If you have any particular questions regarding it, email me :) x

  2. Thank you! I hope to have time this weekend to experiment. You may be hearing from me. :)