Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's Talk about Buckwheat

I had the pleasure of sleeping in today, as school was cancelled again due to freezing rain and treacherous roads.  We slept so late that we enjoyed our smoothie at sunup:  around 10:00!

smoothies make me happy 

So, grains and dairy are two things I rarely eat.  My digestive tract doesn't enjoy them and I've been freaked out about dairy since reading The China Study.  However, I do miss the grainy heartiness of granola and crackers, which is why I adore buckwheat!  Buckwheat is gluten free (it's actually a dried fruit seed, related to rhubarb) and when soaked and whirled about in the food processor it can make some pretty tasty treats.

I soak buckwheat overnight, then drain and strain the groats.  They get really slimy!  Preparing buckwheat requires a fair amount of water, which is something to consider if you are living in a dry cabin, but for me it's worth it.

buckwheat cereal

I experimented with making a raw buckwheat pizza crust this morning.  It's in the D now, hopefully I'll have pizza pictures to share later this afternoon.


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