Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vivian flies for free!

Wasn't my smoothie foxy this morning?  The rainbow chard turned it purple.

I think I have had a green (or greenish)  smoothie for breakfast everyday for the past seven months.  When I travel, Vivian goes with me in a carry on.  Actually, just her base, as the carafe has to go in luggage due to the sharp bits.  Vivian is always given special attention on the way through security:  taken out of the bag, swiped with a chemical swab, and sent through a special scanner.  Good thing she's not bashful.  On a trip to Hawaii this summer, a smart alecky TSA guy, on pulling her and my Jillian Micheals DVDs out of my bag, commented, "Now this is really necessary.  You're just going to whip up some smoothies and lead the airplane passengers in yoga?"

For your information, Mr. TSA guy, Vivian did magic with those fresh Hawaiian fruits.

Here's what's cooking for TH's dinner:

Veggie stir fry

I'm having my usual gimundo salad, but tonight I'm not taking photographic evidence as it's served in the plastic tub the spinach came in.  Tacky-tacky, I know, but when you don't have water, it's fun to figure out ways not to dirty a dish.

Thinking about whipping up some chocolate avocado mousse for dessert:

Question:  Do you travel with anything strange/inconvenient because you can't live without it?


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