Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vivian's Weekend Workout

Vivian was busy blending up a storm all weekend.  This morning spicy tomato kale chips and nori crispies were ready in the D:

After green smoothies (wads of kale, frozen bananas, grapes, pineapple, apple, hemp protein, maca, spirulina, and coconut butter) we whipped up onion crackers (variation of Rawvolution recipe) and maple granola (from Raw Food, Real World).  I put both in the D at the same time, which sounds weird, but since D has to live outside I figured we wouldn't have to smell the sweet and savory aromas mixing. 

Next up was zucchini red pepper hummus, based loosely on Ani Pyho's recipe. All ready for work next week.  


I tried out an  interesting banana dressing recipe found here

Not sure if I love it, but it's different (which I needed) and was easy to make. I tried to make kale pesto, throwing in olive oil, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, garlic and sea salt.  It was borderline nasty, so I'm going to add some raw cheese and feed it to TH over pasta.  He'll eat anything covered in cheese.  Even if it looks like barf. 


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