Sunday, November 14, 2010

Double Danger

Today temps above 32 degrees and freezing rain created a dangerous situation on our roof.

Every time I went outside I was at risk of an avalanche falling on my head.  All day long huge piles of ice/snow slid off the roof and landed with a boom on the porch.  It made me jump every time. 

Then, we had an earthquake!  It felt like a pretty good one- I watched the ceiling fan and the hanging light fixtures shake as the floor rumbled under my feet.  I was just trying to figure out what to do when it stopped.  

Since I started eating a lot of raw food I've made a quickie version of almond milk by blending raw almond butter with water and a little raw honey, sea salt and vanilla.  Today I decided to start my milk with soaked almonds.  Nightmare!  I don't know if it was the fact that I tried to strain the milk after adding the honey, salt and vanilla (probably), but it was messy and time consuming.  It took about four hours just to strain it once- no way I was considering doing it twice like some raw food ninjas do.  

Peekabo, Vivian!  


Alaska grown carrots and broccoli with spicy tomato dip.

These figs from Full Circle Farm were out of control!
Post P90X Kenpo workout snack:  

Buckwheat crispies (Raw Food Real World) and Drama almond milk


If I am reincarnated as a veggie, I hope it's cabbage!  

As a salad topping I tried out a delectable hemp dressing from Sunny Raw Kitchen's newest recipe book.  Yummm!


These turned out soooooo good.  First I blended equal parts raw cacao, melted coconut butter and agave, with a dash of vanilla. For the filling I mixed a lump of raw almond butter with a little agave and sea salt.  Ecstasy.    


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