Monday, November 22, 2010

Seaweed Hairball

I found some seaweed hiding in my cupboard and decided to make a salad recipe from this gem of a book:

I had to get over the fact that the soaking seaweed looked/felt like a giant shower drain hairball.  

No worries- a few egg shaped tomatoes transformed potential nastiness into a cute little birdie's nest.

We drove home in the middle of a huge snow/ice storm and just received the call that school will be cancelled tomorrow.  Don't get me wrong- I love my job- but who doesn't enjoy a surprise stay-up-late-sleep-in?  I'm thinking my evening will involve a little bit of this: 

a little bit of that:

and a whole lot of this: 
leftover avocado zucchini mousse

Question:  Do certain textures render foods inedible for you?  


  1. Texture is big. I don't have a huge issue with texture but when we were in DC Kelci definately had an issue with the bread you use to dish up all the food at the Vietnamese restaurant. It was spongy. Very interesting.

  2. Hi! I was just telling Kelci that when I received a Web 2.0 assignment in one of my classes I immediately thought of you telling me to start a food blog. Thanks for sharing your spongy bread experience! :)