Friday, November 26, 2010

New Snow Happiness

Hope you had a Thanksgiving to be thankful for!  Ours was a little different.  Due to extreme road conditions our family and friends could not make it our traditional dinner at The Roadhouse.  TH and I went on our own, snowmachining down our giant hill and through the woods to a feast for TH and veggies for me.  We stopped at a friends' house on the way home for a fix of chubby-baby-cheek-squeezing.  The late night ride home was gorgeous.  We didn't even mind getting a little lost in the woods because the falling snow was so fluffy and sparkly in the snowmachine headlights.   This morning our trees were pretty again!

Today's eats involved a curry corn chowder from Delightfully Raw.  Vivian pulverized that frozen corn into frothy goodness.  I will make this again and again as it's so easy and tasty!  

I also made sunflower seed based Mock Tuna Salad from Rawvolution.  I was a little worried about the amount of dried dill called for (1/4 cup!),  but I should have known that Matt wouldn't do me wrong.  It's a good thing it turned out lovely, because the recipe makes a gigantic vat!  TH enjoyed it as a dip for tortilla chips, while I went the veggie route.  

You are so darn cute, cabbage!
I have been so into cabbage lately.  We can still buy Alaskan grown heads of red, and not only is it absolutely stunning, but it is so sweet and crunchy.  I think I have a little cabbage picture taking fetish.

Question:  What is your go to veggie?


  1. Can I come live in your loft and me your raw food apprentice? You are so amazing. I need some advice on the green smoothies because mine just taste like dirt and look like sludge.

  2. You are so funny. So, my smoothies always look like sludge, but they taste pretty yummy. What are you putting in yours? I think a little coconut oil adds a nice flavor, and I use frozen ripe bananas to sweeten things up. Then I usually add three other pieces of fruit on top of all the greens. You could try using sweet fruits like pineapple and mango, then omit the greens and add some might like it then! :)

  3. Thanks Kt. I just basically throw all the veggies in, not too much fruit. We have so many great leafy greens at the farmer's market right now that I wanted to use as many as possible. I have consumed 2 bunches of kale this week and it is only Thursday. I will try more fruit, which I think will help. I put broccoli in it this morning and wow it is different.

  4. Broccoli- there's one I've never tried! Kale and spinach are my greens of choice in smoothies. Have you made kale chips yet? If you don't have a dehydrator you can just put them in the oven (with the door cracked) on the lowest temp. They are highly addictive.